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Subfields Of Our French Literature Writers

  • Renaissance Literature refers to the literary works produced during the Renaissance period, characterised by a revival of classical themes, humanism, and a focus on individualism and human potential.
  • Classicism in literature is an artistic movement that emphasises order, reason, harmony, and adherence to classical principles and forms, drawing inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman literature.
  • Romanticism is a literary movement emphasising imagination, emotion, nature, and individuality, challenging the ideals of rationality and emphasising the power of the individual’s subjective experience.
  • Naturalism in literature is a movement that portrays life with scientific objectivity and deterministic principles, often depicting characters influenced by social and environmental forces beyond their control.
  • Symbolism is a late 19th-century literary movement that uses symbols and imagery to convey deeper meanings, often exploring mystical, dreamlike, or subconscious realms.
  • Surrealism is an artistic and literary movement that emerged in the early 20th century, characterised by exploring the irrational, dreamlike, and subconscious aspects of human experience.

What Is The Study Of French Literature?

The study of French Literature focuses on the examination and analysis of literary works written in the French language. It encompasses various periods, genres, and authors throughout French literary history, including medieval, Renaissance, classical, romantic, modern, and contemporary periods. The study explores themes, stylistic features, cultural contexts, and social implications of French literary works, such as novels, poetry, plays, and essays.

It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of French literature’s richness, diversity, and evolution, as well as its contribution to global literary traditions and intellectual discourse.

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