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The English legal system is the common law of England and Wales, including different criminal and civil laws. Non-native students often need help with English Legal System. EssaysUK helps international students with various kinds of English Legal Laws in academic writing. If you plan on writing a dissertation or essay on the English legal system, this is the right place. Place your order to get top-notch writing services.

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Other Research Areas Of English Legal System Writers

  • Case Laws – refer to the collection of judicial decisions and precedents that shape and interpret legal principles, guiding future legal decisions.
  • Human Rights – encompass all individuals’ fundamental rights and freedoms, protecting their dignity, equality, and protection from abuse or discrimination.
  • Criminal Law – involves laws defining and punishing criminal offences, outlining the legal consequences for individuals who commit crimes against society.
  • Civil Law – encompasses laws regulating disputes between individuals, organisations, or entities, focusing on private rights and remedies rather than criminal prosecution.
  • Sanctions – measures that authorities or governing bodies impose to enforce compliance or punish violations, often involving economic, diplomatic, or legal consequences.
  • Common Law and Legislation – are two sources of legal rules. Common law evolves through judicial decisions, while legislation refers to laws passed by legislative bodies, such as statutes and acts, to regulate conduct and govern society.

What Is The Study Of The English Legal System?

The study of the English legal system involves examining the laws, institutions, and processes that form the foundation of the legal framework in England and Wales. It encompasses the analysis of key aspects such as the sources of law, court hierarchy, judiciary, legal profession, criminal and civil justice systems, legal principles, and the role of Parliament. The study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the structure and functioning of the English legal system and its impact on society.

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