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Nursing Essay Introduction – A Quick Guide with Example

Published by at November 24th, 2022 , Revised On December 19, 2022

Nursing students in the UK and globally must submit many nursing essays and projects over their degree programmes.

While all students must develop strong essay writing skills to achieve their desired grades in the individual nursing essay assignment, the essay’s introduction troubles most students.

This article will help you write a flawless nursing essay introduction so you can grab the readers’ attention right from the beginning of the essay.

When Do You Need to Write a Nursing Essay Introduction

When your tutor asks you to write a nursing essay assignment, you must write a strong, engaging introduction. Every nursing essay starts with an introduction. You guessed it right! You will need to write an introduction for every nursing essay you complete.

Steps of Writing a Nursing Essay Introduction

Here are the key steps of writing an amazing nursing essay introduction.

  1. Opening Statement

Like all types of essays, the introduction section of your essay begins with a strong opening statement, which presents the plot of your nursing essay to the audience. The opening statement should be clear and concise.

Avoid writing a vague and meaningless sentence that could completely confuse the reader. We recommend that you include a question, quote, brief tale, synopsis or an amazing statistic or fact in the opening statement of the nursing essay.

  1. Background Information

Next, provide background information so the readers can understand the context surrounding the topic of your nursing essay.

The background information may include but is not limited to a precis of the current theories, an explanation of the jargon and information about the history, geography and context.

  1. Purpose and Thesis Statement

Write the thesis statement for your nursing essay. A thesis statement is often known as the crux of your whole essay discussion and generally indicates the boundaries of your research work.

You provide your arguments to support or oppose the thesis statement.

  1. Proofread and Finalise

Proofread the introduction section to ensure it does not contain any language, clarity, structure, relevance or referencing mistakes.

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Nursing Essay Introduction Example

Essay Topic: The Work of Nurses in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The therapeutic goals of children and adolescents in the Day Hospital are better socialization, which means gaining the skills, knowledge, motives and attitudes needed to carry out the present and future roles in the family, school and society. A child I primarily taught and directed towards behaviours that are acceptable to the community to which he belongs.

Attention is focused on adapting the child to the environment and changing attitudes that most often lead to conflicts. Conflicts are often the cause of lousy socialization among peers but also disrupted dynamics in family relationships. It often shows a good therapeutic effect and hampers the baby’s recovery. Children are encouraged to initiate spontaneity and intense communication.

Creative programmers define each individual’s needs to improve the quality of everyday life, which contributes significantly to the prevention of isolation and stigmatization. The Day Hospital offers an alternative 24-hour hospitalization. The structured daily hospital programmer provides diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

Our experience suggests that most parents are happy to accept this treatment. First of all, because of the so-called trauma of separating children and separating a child from a parent. It is essential that the family, first and foremost, support both the child and the team in the team to speed up the child’s recovery.

We encourage the family to cooperate, and often, through conversation with them, we notice certain behaviours that can slow or accelerate the heading of minor patients. Psychiatric treatment at the Dental Hospital does not only imply medical treatment but includes several programs aimed at improving children’s health status and quality of life.


Writing a nursing essay begins with a powerful introduction section. You will be expected to present the thesis statement here so your readers can determine that it is precisely what your article is about. If you are struggling with your nursing essay introduction or need an expert essay writer, please read about our nursing essay help service. We have many experts in the field of nursing, so you can be confident that the essay or nursing dissertation they will complete for you will match your requirements.

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