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First-class essays demonstrate superior reasoning skills combined with a high level of originality. You need to be conversant with the literature, but you also need to demonstrate your own critical and independent thinking skills. It is important to always have an original and well-thought-out argument.

In academia, essays are the most important type of writing, and it is crucial that you do well in them.

Do you have trouble writing a great essay? There’s no need to fret, we’ve got all the tips and guidelines you need to make an excellent impression on your professor.

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How to write an essay

An essay is the most popular form of academic writing that presents an argument or narrative through explanation, analysis, and evidence.



How to write a narrative essay

Before we describe a narrative essay, it will make sense to understand what is an essay and what are the different types of essay.



How to write an expository essay

Expository essays are all about describing or explaining an idea, a topic, or a method in a rational and reasonable manner without their personal bias…


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