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6Cs of Nursing Essay – A Quick Guide For Students

Published by at November 23rd, 2022 , Revised On January 31, 2024

As a professional nurse, you are supposed to have the 6cs of nursing at the tips of your fingers. But if you are still a student and a bit unfamiliar with the concept, this is important for you. The 6cs are vital aspects of patient care and nursing that you should be aware of.

These criteria have remained the same throughout the recent developments and old techniques. While the healthcare sector is changing rapidly due to new technological advancements, the latest findings and inventions, these 6 Cs help professional nurses make sure that the patients are still being treated carefully and compassionately like they always have been.

Because they are such a vital set of values for all health and social care professionals, It would be a good idea for us to dive deep into what the 6Cs of nursing are and why they are so Inextricably linked with the assistance and care you need to provide to the patient and your growth in the nursing career as a professional. Stick to the 6 Cs no matter how hectic your shift is or how difficult a new situation is to guarantee you continue to accomplish what you do best!

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Established by Jane Cummings, The Chief Nursing Officer of NHS England in December 2017, the 6 Cs of nursing comprise;

  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Compassion
  • Care
  • Courage
  • Competence

They were created to articulate and define the principles underlying the culture and practice of healthcare organizations that provide care and assistance to patients.

Importance of 6cs of Nursing in the Field

Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system and are vital to the NHS in the United Kingdom. As a result, it is not surprising that more people are working in the nursing field than in any other healthcare profession! The 6 Cs were implemented as a national care plan to guarantee that all nurses function under the same values. They are as follows:


To develop a compassionate relationship with the patient and collaborate effectively with the team, a nurse must have excellent communication skills.  The nurse should be an exceptional listener to be informed and updated about the hospital’s management, the doctor’s decisions, and the client’s conditions and complaints to make the patient feel heard and looked after.


The dedication and commitment of nursing professionals to their patients enable them to take the required actions at the right time to raise the standard of care they get and guarantee a positive patient experience.


The foundation of the relationships nurses develop with their patients revolves around empathy, respect, and care. Compassion in nurses is crucial as it gives the patient a sense of reliability. It can also be referred to as informed kindness.


The essence of your job as a nurse is to care. The care nurses provide contributes a hefty amount to the overall well-being of a community. Patients anticipate that their assistance and care will be tailored to fit their needs best and will be constant through every phase of their illness and stay at the healthcare centre.


Nurses should have the courage to act in their patient’s best interests. Nurses’ responsibility is to voice their or the patient’s concerns and possess the inner fortitude to quickly adjust to every new setting and conquer the disincentive that comes their way.


A nurse must have the innate capacity to comprehend their patients’ social and health needs to be considered competent. Possessing all the necessary expertise and clinical and technical knowledge supported by evidence will help the nurse excel in the field and provide the best medical attention to the patients.

Final Words

Each of the six values carries equal weight and focuses on putting patients at the “heart of everything” nurses do. The 6 Cs were intended to be explicitly included in planning advice and universally endorsed and embraced by everyone involved in commissioning and providing care.

Incorporate the 6Cs in your essay, or an even better idea is to get assistance from experts and professionals in the field of nursing to ace your academics.

By following the 6 Cs of the nursing essay, you will be able to write a compelling nursing essay. The 6 Cs are stated below.

  • Communication – for better collaboration with the team and patients. 
  • Commitment – dedication towards the patients and nursing profession. 
  • Compassion – to give patients a sense of reliability 
  • Care – constantly caring through every phase of a patient’s treatment. 
  • Courage – to act in the patient’s best interest 

Competence – processing all the nursing expertise and knowledge successfully.


  • Helps to clearly convey ideas and information to the reader.
  • Improves the structure and organisation of the essay, making it easier to follow.
  • Helps to clarify any doubts or questions the reader may have.
  • Contributes to the professionalism and credibility of the essay.


  • Helps to maintain focus and ensure that the essay meets the required standards.
  • Contributes to the quality of the content by motivating students to conduct thorough research and analysis.
  • Helps to identify and address any weaknesses or gaps in the essay.
  • Shows dedication and passion for the subject matter, which can make the essay more compelling and engaging for the reader.

Jane Cunnings, The chief nursing officer of the national health service (NHS), in England, established the 6 Cs of nursing essay in 2017. 

The 6Cs of nursing can be referenced using the following citation format:

Department of Health (2012). Compassion in Practice: Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff – Our Vision and Strategy. London: Department of Health.

In Harvard referencing style, the 6Cs of nursing can be referenced in the following format:

Department of Health. (2012). Compassion in Practice: Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff – Our Vision and Strategy. London: Department of Health.

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