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Thesis or Dissertation Title Page – Free Templates

Published by at February 21st, 2023 , Revised On February 1, 2024

Your thesis, dissertation, or research paper’s title page (or cover page) should include all of the pertinent details about your work. Typically, it includes;

  • Title of dissertation or thesis
  • The author’s name.
  • Type of project (e.g., dissertation,thesis, research paper)
  • Department and university’s name
  • The course of study (e.g., Master of Arts)
  • The submission date

Your dissertation topic or area of research, your student ID number, the name of your supervisor, and the logo of your university may also be included.

The Format of the Title Page

Usually, your supervisor or the university will specify exactly what information should be on the title page of your dissertation and how to structure it. Verify whether there are any special requirements for font size, spacing, and margins.

The citation style may have an impact on the structure of your title page. There could be rules for page numbering, alignment, and required items.

Examples of a Title Page

To assist you in creating the title page for your thesis, dissertation, or research paper, we’ve produced a few templates. 

Title Page for APA and Harvard Style 

Here’s an example of what a title page (APA style) might look like

Here’s an example of what a title page (Harvard style) might look like

Title Page Template

Essays.uk provides free title page templates to help you create your dissertation, thesis or research paper title page. Download the template in any of the following formats and create the perfect title page.

Your name, department, organisation, degree programme, and the submission date should all be listed on the title page of your thesis or dissertation.

An MLA document often does not require a title page. Instead, a header is often at the top of the first page. The exclusions occur when:

  • Your teacher needs one,
  • For a group project project

In certain circumstances, you should present the same information on a title page rather than in the header.

The title page is often used only to present information and does not contain any graphics. Before doing so, confirm with your supervisor if it’s okay to use a picture on the title page. If you do want to use one, be sure to find out if the image’s originator has given their consent.

Add a note beginning with the word “Note” exactly beneath the image recognising its source (italicized and followed by a period). Add a reference and a copyright credit.

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