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3 Best AI Essay Writer Tools in 2024

Published by at January 1st, 2024 , Revised On January 3, 2024

Crafting a professional essay requires a  proper layout, detailed research, critical thinking, and supportive arguments. It requires significant time, energy, and commitment to create a well-structured essay. 

On the contrary, an AI essay writer can generate professional-level, unique, and well-researched essays in a matter of seconds. Not only that, the generated essays will have zero plagiarism, free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. 

The best thing about AI essay writing tools is that they eliminate writer’s block, provide untiring professional assistance, and remain available around the clock. 

In this article, I will discuss 03 of the most well-reputed and most efficient AI essay writers who are free, user-friendly, and proficient in creating professional-level essays. 

  1. Writeressay.ai

Writeressay.ai is a powerful essay generator tool that uses various NLP and ML algorithms to perform research, prepare outlines, and generate content accordingly. 

The output will be a well-researched, well-structured, well-written content that will be free of plagiarism, grammar, or spelling errors. 

Writeressay.ai is a powerful essay generator tool

It is designed to understand the nature of the provided topic, generates the most relevant content, and leaves no room for post-editing or proofreading. 

Therefore, it can be used for academic, descriptive, and narrative essays in the least possible time, with zero effort, and in the desired length (short, medium, or long). 

The tool also allows the user to add references if needed and insert at least three references in a short essay. 

Compared to human writing, the AI essay writer doesn’t get tired of writing, never depletes ideas, is smart enough to recognize the provided topic and collect the relevant data, and remains available around the clock. 


  • Fastest alternative to manual essay writing 
  • User-friendly 
  • Free for unlimited use 
  • Allows the user to add references if required 
  • Offers the user to choose the length of the essay 
  • Generates professional-level essay 
  • Writes plagiarism-free essays 
  • Efficient in adopting a Formal writing tone and maintaining consistency
  • The generated content will be free of grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors 


  • Requires post-writing editing 
  1. Essay Generator by Essayrewriter.io

Essay Generator by Essayrewriter.io is another well-reputed essay maker tool that also utilizes AI algorithms to predict the inserted topic, gather the relevant data, and arrange it in the best possible way. 

Essay Generator by Essayrewriter.io

It is free to use, features the simplest to use design, and capable of generating unique content every time the user provides the title/topic. The generated essays will be free of plagiarism and grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. 

The tool is proficient in maintaining consistency throughout the essay, adopting the most suitable language and tone for writing, and choosing the most relevant and compelling evidence to support the argument. 

The efficiency of this AI essay writer is the primary reason for its popularity among users as it eliminates writer’s block, performs hours of tasks in seconds, and also prevents human errors. 


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Free for unlimited use
  • Available 24/7
  • Generates professional-level essay
  • Offers the most basic post-writing editing 
  • Fastest alternative to human essay writing 
  • Generated essays will be free of plagiarism
  • There will be no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors 


  • Does not add references in essays 
  1. Aiessaybot.org

AI Essay Bot is a well-known AI essay maker tool that can generate professional level essays on any of the exciting topics in the blink of an eye. 

The generated essay will be free of plagiarism, and human errors with unique, well-organized, and the most relevant content. 

AI essay maker tool

The AI essay maker offers the user to choose the desired length for the essay and write on academic, descriptive, and narrative topics or titles. 

It has become the most efficient and accurate alternative to human essay writing, does not tired of creating unique content, never runs out of ideas, and remains available to the user’s aid around the clock. 

It is proficient in organizing the essay elements, preparing an eye-catching thesis statement, and maintaining consistency in the essay which are the most basic yet essential things to make an essay a masterpiece. 


  • Free to generate unlimited essays
  • Features user-friendly interface
  • Fast, efficient, and available 24/7
  • Allows to choose the length of the essay 
  • A smart alternative to human essay writing
  • Prepares well-researched, well-structured essay
  • Generates professional level content
  • Writes plagiarism-free essays 
  • There’ll be no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors in the content 


  • Does not add references 

Features Comparison for the 3 Best AI Essay Writer Tools in 2024

All three AI essay writing tools are efficient, generate plagiarism-free content, and are free for unlimited use with a few variations and limitations that are compared below:

Features  Writeressay.ai Essay Generator by Essayrewriter.io  AI Essay Bot
Free or Paid  Free  Free  Free 
Plagiarism-free Essays  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Essay length  Optional (Short, Medium, Long) No choice  Optional (Short, Medium, Long)
Reference Adding Option  Available  Automatically add references (no choice) Not Available  
Essay Quality  Professionals grade essay  Professionals grade essay  Professionals grade essay 
Recommended for  Professionals & Non-Professionals  Non-regular Users  Students 
Post-writing Editing  No option  Available  No option 
Chances of Human Error  Absolutely zero Absolutely zero Absolutely zero
Efficiency and Accuracy  Professional-level efficiency and accuracy  Professional-level efficiency and accuracy  Professional-level efficiency and accuracy 


Three of the above-mentioned AI essay writers are free, efficient, and reliable tools for creating plagiarism-free professional-grade essays in no time. 

They are designed to understand the nature of the provided topic, perform and gather the most relevant data, arrange the content according to the standard essay layout, and add references to support the arguments. 

AI essay maker tools have efficiently replaced human essay writing, eliminated writer’s block, generated ideas for the writers, and saved massive time and energy of the users. 

If you are a student, essay writer, or educator, and looking for the most efficient essay writing tools, you can confidently choose any of the above 03 AI tools for free, professional, and unique essay writing. 


Yes, all three tools generate plagiarism-free content.

AI essay writers offer professional-level efficiency and accuracy, eliminate writer’s block, and save time and energy.

Students, essay writers, and educators looking for efficient, free, and reliable essay writing tools can confidently choose any of the mentioned AI tools.

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