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ParaphraseTool.ai Review: How Good Is It for Rewriting Essays

Published by at April 17th, 2024 , Revised On April 23, 2024

Paraphrasing can be the ultimate solution for rewriting any sort of content. But is it reliable for academic essays too? Academic essays are focused on providing evidence to support the main idea.

Essays are a source for sharing advanced ideas and developing critical thinking. Rewriting an essay is different from other forms of content.

Paraphrasing is an important technique used in the writing world. It enhances the quality, removes plagiarism, and makes the content readable.

This article discusses the ParaphraseTool.ai and its importance in paraphrasing. But is it reliable for rewriting essays? Let’s find out.


The paraphrasetool.ai is designed to paraphrase sentences, paragraphs, essays, and articles. It uses advanced AI technology to increase the text quality and make it readable.

Its powerful modes and features are paired to enhance the overall writing process.

Multiple language supports make it accessible worldwide. Paraphrase Tool is known for its reliability. It is not just a rewording tool that changes some words in the text.

On the contrary, it uses different sentence structures and a variety of synonyms. It rewrites the whole thing to create a newer version of the text without changing the meaning.

Paraphrase tool

We will go through each feature and functionality of this tool in detail.

Writing Modes

Paraphrase tool offers many writing styles and modes. These writing modes serve the main functionality. They allow the users to achieve any tone while paraphrasing.

Paraphrase tool has 6 different modes of writing.

Creative Mode:

This writing mode is highly beneficial for beginners. Creative mode changes the vocabulary and tone to recreate the text.

For recreating the text completely, this mode is quite useful. So, it can be used for rewriting essays.

Anti-plagiarism Mode:

This mode allows students to remove plagiarism from their essays or assignments.

To remove plagiarism from the text, Paraphrase tool alters the sentence structure and adds synonyms for words to make the content unique.


Fluency mode can be used for achieving precise and properly structured content. It can pursue the same pattern and achieve a specific writing style. It can help to add a proper flow to the vague content.

Formal Mode:

The formal mode is for both professional and academic writing. Casual or informal content can be changed to concise and professional text.

This mode can add a formal tone to an essay or article.

Academic Mode:

Academic mode enhances the text by adding subject-related terminologies and words to make the content unique.

It also retains the links, references, and citations while rephrasing content. This mode is highly useful for rewriting research papers and essays.

SEO Mode:

Search engine optimization is an important factor in website content. SEO experts or bloggers can freeze the keywords before rephrasing the text.

This will keep the content optimized according to the original text.

Features of Paraphrase tool

ParapahraseTool.ai has many advantages for writers, students, and other professionals. Here are some features of using this tool.

  • It’s easy-to-use interface enhances the user experience.
  • Paraphrase tool is a web-based tool, so no sign-up is required.
  • Its multiple language support feature makes it accessible worldwide.
  • This paraphrasing tool removes plagiarism.
  • Paraphrase tool enhances the quality of the text.
  • Its free version provides basic features for beginners.
  • It has multiple file-uploading options.
  • This tool can paraphrase content repeatedly.
  • It is based on advanced AI technology to ensure accuracy.
  • Paraphrase tool offers many integrated tools to support the writing process.


Paraphrase tool provides all the necessary features for free. It paraphrases 250 words and provides 3 writing modes for free. Beginners can take advantage of the free version. But professionals must buy the premium version.

Paraphrase tool has three different pricing plans.

Weekly Monthly Annual
Price $6.95 $14.95 $8.33 per monthly
Paraphrasing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Validity 7 days 1 month 1 year
Speed 10x 10x 10x
Modes 6 6 6
Ads & Captcha No No No

Built-in Writing Tools

Paraphrase tool has 5 integrated tools other than paraphrasing. These tools assist in the writing process.

Essay Rewriter: Students can benefit greatly from Essay Rewriter. It can help to recreate the text to enhance the quality of writing.

Grammar Checker: This tool can help to check grammatical mistakes. Grammar Checker can find spelling and punctuation errors as well.

Summarizer: For research purposes, this tool is of great help. The summarizer extracts the important points from any text.

Humanize AI Text: Paraphrase tool offers this tool to convert AI-generated text into a humanized version.

Plagiarism Remover: Plagiarism can be removed by paraphrasing. However, to completely eliminate duplicate text, Plagiarism Remover is greatly helpful.

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Paraphrase tool As an Essay Rewriter

As we have already discussed, Paraphrase tool has an integrated tool for rewriting essays. Essay Rewriter is a reliable tool to enhance the quality of text. It can rewrite any essay: argumentative, expository, narrative, descriptive, persuasive, etc.

It has great benefits for scholars, researchers, and professionals. Students of every level can utilize it for efficient and accurate content. It has the following features.

  • Removes grammatical errors
  • Retains the links, references, and citations
  • Generates humanized text
  • Eliminates plagiarism
  • Maintains the content quality
  • Pursue a formal tone
  • Follow the academic rules and syntax

Significance of Paraphrase tool

A paraphrase tool is helpful for scholars and other professionals. It can help plan, create, edit, and research the content and generate unique topics and titles for future use. Updating the previous articles and repurposing the old content is getting easier with Paraphrase tool.

Here is how it can help you improve your text without additional effort.

Content Quality & Readability

Grammar and spelling mistakes lower the quality of the content. Such errors and repetitive words and sentences can be avoided using Paraphrase tool. It adds clarity and enhances the readability of the content.

The writing tone can be adjusted according to the reader.

Time Efficiency

Manual paraphrasing takes a significant amount of time. That’s why tools are used to increase the time efficiency.

Paraphrase tool is a reliable tool to maintain quality and save time. It is great for paraphrasing complex topics quickly.

Eliminating Plagiarism

The main objective of paraphrasing is to remove plagiarism. Unique content is credible and accurate.

Paraphrase tool removes plagiarism from essays, assignments, and articles. It alters the sentence structure to generate unique content.

Unique Titles

Bloggers and website owners can use Paraphrase tool to generate unique titles for writing content. They can use this tool to repurpose the older content and titles to make them fresh and unique.

SEO Ranking

Paraphrase tool can improve the optimization of the content. It adds a variety of keywords. The overall quality of the content can be increased by optimizing the content using this tool.

It helps create better meta descriptions to get a higher click-through rate.

Overall Rating

To sum up the review, we have rated important features of Paraphrase tool out of 5.

Feature Rating
User Interface 5
Quality of the generated text 4.5
Readability 4.7
Time efficiency 4.9
Essay Rewriting 5.0
Customer Service 4.9

Final Words

Paraphrasing and rewriting are used in content creation to enhance the quality.

AI paraphrasing tools can provide reliable features to paraphrase the content efficiently. Besides the diverse writing modes, Paraphrase tool provides integrated writing tools for assistance. It is useful for rewriting essays and academic work.


In our review, ParaphraseTool.ai has received high ratings across essential features, including user interface, text quality, readability, time efficiency, essay rewriting capability, and customer service. With its diverse functionalities and reliable performance, it stands out as a valuable tool for content creators and academics alike.

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