Sample Undergraduate Medicine Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

I consider myself a diligent, grave, and rapid learner. I am always keen to participate in activities and programs particularly related to medical science and technology throughout my academic years. I am a firm believer in freedom of life.

I believe that education always contributes a major role in the individual’s success to become a better human being. I belong to a medical background and want to resume it up to specialization.

I am a resident of Saudi Arabia along with my family. My parents always supported me a lot to study at a higher level in the medical field.

When I passed my matriculation, I realized that the medical field is the most appropriate field suited to me as I have several doctors and medical practitioners in my family.

All my siblings are well educated and qualified, and they motivated me a lot to pursue a medical discipline.

In Saudi Arabia, I am a 6th-year medical student and also need an internship to accomplish the degree. I also had an elective in the “General Surgery Department” for one month in Saudi Arabia in 2016, when I was in my 4th year.

I also had an elective course in “Emergency Medicine Department” in Saudi Arabia in 2017, when I was in my 5th year for the same duration of one month.

I believe that choosing a particular domain is a mandatory component of anyone’s life as it will set the career path.

I also recognize that western education will be extremely vital for my career and personality to know the latest cutting-edge medical technology.

To fulfill this objective, I have decided to go to London to visit the elective course for one month. It will not only strengthen my skills but also facilitate me to adopt different cultural backgrounds.

I have researched a lot to choose the destination and found London the right place to gain further exposure in the medical field.

Though the USA and Canada also have a reputed study atmosphere for international candidates, I prefer London for one month of study because of its exceptionality in the medical field.

It is the 6th year of my study, and consequently, the proposed course of study from London will give me an extra advantage over other students because I will go through from latest medical standards and procedures.

As I already accomplished elective courses in “General Surgery” and “Medicine Department,” studying another elective from London will be extremely worth considering for my future career.

To get international exposure, I discussed with my family members and teachers who are associated with the medical profession, all of them advised me to go to London to do a proposed course of study.

London colleges and universities are recognized as top-rated in the international circuit in medical and technology. Besides, London offers the world’s best amenities and services to both local and global students, so it will be a great experience for me.

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