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Nursing Essay Main Body – Guide with Examples

Published by at November 24th, 2022 , Revised On January 26, 2023

If you have already written the introduction paragraph for your nursing essay and looking for authentic information on how to write nursing essay body paragraphs, you have come to the right place. 

A nursing essay assignment can be as simple as a 250-500 words essay on any topic of your choice and as complex as a lengthy one that addresses a very challenging problem in the nursing and medicine field. 

This guide is aimed at helping nursing students write flawless and captivating nursing essay paragraphs so they can present their arguments and evidence on the topic clearly and concisely. 

When Do You Need to Write the Nursing Essay Body Paragraph?

You will need to start writing the paragraphs for your nursing essay as soon as you have completed the introduction paragraph.

Many students leave the introduction paragraph until the end, but we recommend that you prepare an essay hook, background information and the thesis statement before moving on to the main body.

The main body is the longest part of the nursing essay, so be careful and patient when working with it. You may need to revise the main body many times before you are 100% satisfied with it.

The main body of the nursing essay can comprise several paragraphs or as few as just three paragraphs. The number of paragraphs can be decided based on the total allocated word count.

Steps of Writing Main Body Paragraphs for Your Nursing Essay

Each body paragraph of your nursing essay will need to be written based on the following steps.

Organisation & Outline

Before you start writing the paragraphs, we recommend preparing the essay outline, which will list all the possible arguments or ideas the main body will explore. Each idea must be accompanied by evidence, analysis, and a closing transition statement.

Main Idea in the Topic Sentence

Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence. A topic sentence can be defined as the opening stance that introduces the paragraph by presenting one specific idea that will be the main focus of the paragraphs.


It is followed by the first piece of evidence, the second piece of evidence and the third piece of evidence. You can include as many references as required for every paragraph. However, we recommend you present a minimum of two pieces of evidence for every topic sentence.


Provide your independent analysis of the topic sentence and the evidence. Does the evidence prove or oppose the idea stated in the topic sentence?


The paragraph ends with a transition sentence which connects the main idea to the preceding paragraph.

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Nursing Essay Main Body Paragraph Example.

Here is an example paragraph taken from a nursing essay.

The profession of nursing serves humankind as it finds treats mental and physical illnesses. According to Kelly’s first criterion, a profession should serve humanity and society as a whole (Chitty & Black, 2011, p. 66). There is no sustainable argument against the fact that this is exactly what nurses do. Nurses provide a service by caring for individuals in our society who are ill or injured and educate and promote wellness in their communities. Nursing establishment certainly meets and possibly designs the requirements for this particular standard.


A nursing essay comprises several body paragraphs. Each body paragraph follows a specific structure, as explained above. If you are a nursing student studying for an undergraduate or Master’s programme and need assistance from an expert, contact us today. Or you can place your order for nursing right here.

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