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Quality and Plagiarism

1What will be the quality of work delivered by Essays.Uk?
Our experts vow to deliver quality and plagiarism free work. We guarantee that our delivered work will cohere to the following standards.

First Quality Standard (70 % or above)
2:1 Quality Standard (60-70 %)
2:2 Quality Standard (50-60%)

For PHD students we offer one quality standard only.
2Does Essays.Uk guarantee plagiarism free work?
Every order we delivered is double checked to maintain the quality standards. Our in-house plagiarism checking tool helps us to ensure the uniqueness of the content. We also deliver a free plagiarism report with every completed order.
3What makes Essays.UK better than other writing services?
Essays.Uk have a diligent procedure for each type of service offered on the website. Each and every detail of the order placed with us is reviewed and a compendium plan is made for the execution and the timely delivery. If any additional information is required we contact the customer via email. The other team finds the best suitable expert who has the qualification and experiences in the same area of study to complete the order within due time.
The completed work is received by our quality control team which ensure the content is unique, plagiarism free and meets the quality standards before making the final delivery to the customer. If somehow the customer is still not satisfied, we offer a free amendments. It’s highly recommended to avail this feature in case you are not satisfied with the content delivered.
4Does Essays.Uk share the writer’s notes and plan of work with the client?
We have a number of teams working tirelessly to ensure timely delivery and the quality of the work. Each order we receive and deliver passes through various stages of quality control until it is completed and delivered, hence we are unable to share the writer’s notes and the plan of the work with the clients.
5Why the rates of Essays.uk are higher than other companies?
Unlike other companies, Essays.Uk charge higher prices for the higher quality of work delivered plus there are no hidden charges. Other companies might offer a lower rates but compromise the quality and apply some hidden charges while completing the order. Those companies also charge the clients for amendments which we offer for free. The reason for higher rates are as follows:

Our team of expert writers:
We believe in paying the experts justly for the services. All our writers are highly qualified and have an experience of years of writing in a particular field.

Quality Control
Each project goes through a series of steps to make sure quality is not affected. From the team that assesses the project in the beginning to the writers and then to the last group that assures grammar and plagiarism issues free work, our quality control team works round the clock and helps us provide you with top-grade work.

No hidden/extra charges
Besides what the client has to pay for the complete order we do not have any hidden or extra charges that the other companies might apply in the middle of the process or for the amendments.
6Can I receive my work for review before paying the final invoice? Can I have a draft or the plan of my work? How would I know the work assigned is correct if I don’t recheck it before the last payment?
Unless advocated, we do not dispense any blueprints or schemes. It is appreciated if you share all the useful data required for the work before our writers get to writing, so it is easier for them to complete the task. Our fantastic quality assurance unit will ensure that your work covers all questions and subtopics and uses the correct and most suitable referencing style when writing the essay. We do not hand out the complete assignment before the due date has to be kept in mind. For that, you are offered free adjustments and modifications after you have thoroughly gone through your work.
7How do Essays.Uk enroll and asses their writers?
Our personal recruitment team supervises the employment of the writers. Most of our employees have high standard degrees and are highly educated, holding Masters and even Ph.D. degrees. Before holding the writer responsible for any work, we make sure they go through several authentication checks, such as checking their photo ID and proof of their scanned degrees. Then, our quality assurance team entrusts them with a sample test, through which they are tested on every level deemed necessary before welcoming them into the team.
8Is a writer always available/what if no writer is available?
Our priority is a qualified and always available writer to conclude the assignment within the deadline stated. The work is only assigned when we are 100% satisfied that the writer will achieve the desired preferential outcome in time or maybe before that. The situation of no writer being available happens once in a blue moon, but if it does happen that we can’t find any writer for your task, we assure you that your payment would be refunded wholely.
9Is it defrauding that we, us, students use the essay writing services provided by Essays.UK?
Our team knows how demanding and strenuous the academic tests thrown at them by their respective careers and majors can be. So we aim to help and facilitate the students so they can face the challenges head-on. If your motto is to cheat, we will gladly let you know that our services are not available. We make sure that the client is involved and advise you to chose the inscription of the thesis yourself. Our usage of good policies ensures that you aren't cheating at all.

Our services are like an act of assistance from a book in any library available, where you have work and criteria of different writers made available. Our services are adapted and suitable for your utility.
10If you claim your work to be plagiarism free, why can’t I give that in?
When we say that our work is plagiarism-free, we mean that no work, line, or abstract has been taken or replicated from any forgoing pupil’s work. Relevant references are being used and included, and information is reworded. But just for its sake, even if you submit the work as your own, your instructor will never be able to catch any ounce of plagiarism. Hence, claiming the work as your own will be an implausible thing to do, both ethically and morally.
11if you did hand in the work as your own, would your instructor find out?
The work we create is solely original and doesn’t create unmodified work. Therefore it is not believable for any plagiarism site to distinguish any plagiarism. There are two things we’ll let you know; one, we do not trade your work to any third party and second, we do not sumbit your work. This will come in academic deciet. After the work is handed over to you, we trust that you will make the correct and legal use of it.

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