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Guarantees & Support

1What happens if you’re not satisfied with the work? What happens if the essay does not reach the grade you ordered?
We offer a free adjustment policy here at Essays.UK to deal with such issues. We advise you to thoroughly go through the final product and review it within 24 hours of receiving it, as it will make the writer do some edits as soon as possible.

A new delivery date can be provided to you after we’ve consulted the writer.

And in case your essay does not meet your required and stated grade, you can always send us an email where you give us your order number, and we will make sure that your complaint is forwarded to the respective area of concern.

When requesting a refund, we require you to send us an email with your order number and would appreciate it if you give us the right reasons why you’d want to cancel. Your order will only be canceled if it hasn’t been assigned to the writer.
2How do you request a refund?
Our main priority is our customer’s contentment, which means we will first scrutinise your reasons for demanding a refund.

In other cases, if your essay doesn’t get the grade you requested, we would want you to share the final copy of the work provided to you and check what essential aspects of the essay were neglected, which caused you a bad grade. Furthermore, we would also like it if you share your instructor’s remarks with us to go through them and make improvements in our work for the future.

You are requested to email us about the order cancellation before a writer is assigned to you. You just need to email us about your order number and that you want to cancel it. We also open to hearing about the reasons why you canceled your order.
3Will my paper be sold?
We can assure you that your work is solely yours and no one else’s. It will never be traded with someone else.
4Do we provide legal services?
We are a fully UK registered company, and our services are legal. We currently have 20 workers working in our office in Yorkshire who are always at your beck and call to provide you with the best there is. Our teams are very cooperative in making a student understand how we work and how to use the services we provide justly. You can always ask us about any queries you may have.
5What are your guarantees?
Our guarantees are listed below:

Comprehensive standard checking.
Delivery on time.
100% Plagiarism Free
No infringement of copyright.
Affordable prices.
Respects your privacy.
Writers are all UK qualified.
Our services are set according to your needs.
The policy of free adjustments.
No bartering to another party.
Sources and references are listed.
6Are our clients offer discounts?
Please visit our offers and discounts page to learn about the special offers to the new and returning customers.
7Are the writing services that we provide you confidential?
Yes, the writing services that we provide you are 100% confidential. Our team is always updated with new plagiarism and privacy rules and religiously follows them. And to make sure that your work is wholly private and not shared with anyone, our discussions take place just with you and you only.

We aim to provide full privacy and seclusion to you; hence if you have any more queries, you can visit our privacy policy page. And if in some cases, you are required to send us some information that may contain any private information, we will first ask for your confirmation and then forward it to our writers.
8Can you speak with the writer directly?
Yes, you can always email the writer directly about any additional information or requirements. We also advise that you check your email regularly as we will be forwarding you problems from the writer.
9Your coupon code won’t apply?
We understand that sometimes our site on your web may suffer from some crashes and won’t let you add the valid coupon code; hence we request you to fill the form as it is and then email us your coupon code can add it for you.
10What is your order status? And when will it be delivered?
Please send us an email so we can let you know about your delivery date and order status.
11What method of payment do we use?
We use these three payment methods:

Via debit or credit card.
By making a direct transfer of money to our bank. (Through the internet).

To avoid any issues, we ask you to pay 50% of the money before and then the left amount after your work has been done; it is also our payment policy.
12Will our writer help you collect primary data?
The procedure of collecting the data is quite simple; designing questionnaires and interview questions are part of our thesis services.

If you want extra information to be gathered by the writer you may need to pay extra for that. You are requested to tell us your data collection requirements when you place the order.

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