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1What are our delivery options?
Our plans are custom made for your requirements and preferences so that you are content with your work, which is why we have custom delivery plans. For example, we can complete a semester project in a weeks time but can take a year to complete a Ph.D. thesis.
2Will you be able to send my dissertation chapter by chapter?
Yes, we can if you want. You will receive a free map outline after your order is placed with our employee writer. Our writer will only start working when you have agreed to the outline of the thesis. Our delivery of the thesis outline is usually done in three parts. We completely understand that it is an essential aspect of your grade and that your whole academic life depends on it. Please remember to tell us all your details and requirements when you place an order. Our team will contact you for your dissertation.
3Are our amendments free?
Yes, our amendments are free of cost unless the initial requirements sent by the client are changed.
4What if the writer doesn’t fulfil my initial requirements?
Since we have a free adjustment policy, we will ask the writer to make some changes for that amendment. But we can assure you that this is very unlikely to happen since our writers are very qualified and know what they are doing.
5When does the delivery period start?
Your delivery period will start when the writer has been assigned your essay and you have cleared your initial dues. Your order would be on hold until further notice if we can’t find a writer for your essay.
6Are weekends included in our delivery time?
We work seven days a week which means that the weekends are included in the delivery time. But you have to keep in mind that we do take Christmas, boxing day and New year’s eve as a holiday and those aren’t included in the delivery time.
7How long does it take us to find a writer for your order?
We expect to find a writer within a day or two after receiving your order. Depending in what type the project is, the time may shorten or may take longer than necessary. You’ll always be in loop to what is happening.
8When can you expect to receive the work when it’s due?
Our delivery time is 7pm to 9pm GMT. Sometimes our team responsible for checking the quality may think that it needs some alterations which may result in the delivery being a little late. If that happens, in such case you will be notified.

Please do not expect that we will deliver before the delivery date.

Your work will be held until further notice if you don’t clear your dues.
9Can I receive my work for review before paying the final invoice? Can I have a draft or the plan of my work? How would I know the work assigned is correct if I don’t recheck it before the last payment?
Unless advocated, we do not dispense any blueprints or schemes. It is appreciated if you share all the useful data required for the work before our writers get to writing, so it is easier for them to complete the task. Our fantastic quality assurance unit will ensure that your work covers all questions and subtopics and uses the correct and most suitable referencing style when writing the essay. We do not hand out the complete assignment before the due date has to be kept in mind. For that, you are offered free adjustments and modifications after you have thoroughly gone through your work.

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